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We produce our own organic cannabis with strictest quality control and standards. We prepare CBD tincture fresh for every order placed with us for maximum strength.

Fast Absorption

We use distilled water and grain ethanol as base for super fast absorption under the tongue. This allows CBD to reach blood vessels fast and directly.

Full Spectrum

Optional products containing full spectrum cannabis terpenes, cannabinoids including THC for better synergistic effects in chronic or advanced illness.

Lab Tested

All our products get tested by three third parties and internal testing team. We test not just for CBD but 250 crucial quality touch points to ensure you get the best quality CBD product.

What Is CBD

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CBD is an abbreviation for cannabidiol. Cannabidiol is a chemical compound found in flower of marijuana and offers several medicinal usage without any psychotropic or hallucinogenic effects. CBD is a natural, effective remedy  for people seeking for relief from joint inflammation, pain, dystonia( involuntary, sudden jerky movements), dyskinesia (constant movement of any muscles in body), spasms, bowel inflammation, bowel irritation, depression, anxiety, seizures, sleep disorders, and several other conditions without any side effects of modern medicine.

In fact, USA government patented CBD and all the other cannabinoids in 2003 as neuroprotective agents and antioxidants (Patent No. 6,630,507). Pharmaceutical companies are rushing to patent cannabis for treatment of various illnesses after legalization of medical marijuana in USA and Canada.

Even WHO (World Health Organization) acknowledges that it is a viable and in some cases the most advanced treatment option available.

Science Behind CBD

There are solid science based evidences that CBD works. We have collected various distinguished scientific researches and simplified them so that you can understand them easily. The link to original researches are included in the articles. We have also included personal testimonials of patients who found relief with CBD and full spectrum extracts. Why there’s no clinical trials then? There’s more money to be made by keep treating patients instead of curing them. There’s also more money in patenting cannabis extracts for diseases than selling cheaper medicines that heal people by fairly competing in market.

Why Wilson CBD Products Are One of The Best

Wilson Wellness CBD Tinctures are better than pure CBD hemp oil because of faster, better absorption. Wilson Wellness CBD oil is absorbed completely via mucus lining under the tongue directly into blood stream in seconds. While pure CBD hemp oil has to be taken orally and is broken down up to 60% in digestive system while taking up to 120 minutes to show relief. You are really just making expensive excrement.

Wilson Wellness CBD tincture also has better absorption than CBD vapes without the possible irritation of respiratory system that may build over time by inhaling fumes containing thinning agents and cuticle wax.

Our potency on label is just for CBD. Most manufactures mention potency of overall cannabinoids (CBD is one of the 113 cannabinoids present in hemp oil).

We grow proprietary Indica Sativa strain organically in Himalayan foothills bringing cost down for products by 50-80%. We ensure high quality in our medical marijuana products consistently.

Reap The Benefits of Discreet Shipping

At Wilson Wellness, we are committed to offer the gift of health and happiness to people all around the world. Through our CBD products, we aim to promote the benefits of medical cannabis even to places where no one else would ship. 

We accept all major credit and debit cards for payment. No pain of bitcoin.

We provide discreet packaging and shipping of CBD tincture all over the world for safe delivery without any hassles.

How Does Discreet Packaging And Shipping Work

To ensure privacy and hassle free experience for our customers worldwide, we don’t mention CBD/hemp/cannabis/marijuana on sticker label, packaging, shipping label and invoices. All our CBD products are marked as common lifestyle products. Read more on how it helps you and us.

Economical (certain countries) and trackable shipping are available. Our CBD only product is undetectable in all detection tests available because it contains zero THC.

CBD Bible

CBD is a powerful natural way to find relief in various ailments. Information is power. Click on links below to read more on CBD.