How Discreet Shipping Help You And Us

How Discreet Shipping Help You And Us

If you may have noticed, Amazon and manufacturers don’t list and ship CBD products to many countries. The reason for that is strict export laws in Canada, US, and Hemp Association’s membership conditions as well as legal issues importing them in other countries. For example, even though medical marijuana and CBD products are legal in Canada, they can’t ship their CBD products to US or we can’t ship it to them.

There’s a strict regulation on CBD rich hemp production and THC rich marijuana production worldwide. We want medical marijuana to reach anyone anywhere by utilizing possible legal loopholes to produce and ship it to different countries. This keeps them accessible to anyone who wants to get relief using gift of medical cannabis.

How Do We Provide Wholesale Prices?

We utilize legal loopholes to obtain premium quality cannabinoids and cannabidiol. Our product is Indica-Sativa hybrid strain growing organically in a secluded and pristine foothills of Himalaya which are two days walk away from nearest settlement. It can’t be reached by road or vehicles. We test the product at various stages of life-cycle to ensure highest quality in CBD only extract and full spectrum extracts. This helps us cut the costs by 50-80% for different product concentrations.

How Does Discrete Shipping Work?

To ensure privacy and hassle free experience for our customers worldwide, we don’t mention CBD/hemp/cannabis/marijuana on sticker label, packaging, shipping label and invoices. All our CBD products are marked as common lifestyle products. No one knows except you and us.

The local customs at most countries can confiscate any product explicitly marked as hemp, marijuana, cannabis or CBD which is why you shouldn’t order CBD products which are not discreetly shipped.

How Exactly Do We Package Our Products?

We can’t divulge the packaging details publicly to keep our packaging method as discreet as possible. Once you receive the package, we request you to not put its images online or in reviews to help us maintain the stealth shipping process.

Benefits Of This All

How this helps you:

  • Wholesale level prices because of low production cost.
  • Packed to order for maximum shelf life.
  • No issues at customs while buying because packaging is discreet.
  • No issues at customs while traveling.
  • Word class quality products at your doorstep.

How this helps us:

  • It helps us stick to our mission of making CBD accessible to everyone who needs it.
  • It helps us reach new countries without litigation, sanctions and legal issues.

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