How CBD Is Healing Cancer Patients

How CBD Is Healing Cancer Patients

Cancer is an umbrella term to describe rapid uncontrolled multiplication and growth of cells in any part of the body. Some type of cancerous growth is seen as tumors, while others like blood cancer (leukemia) can’t be seen.

Cells have a natural lifecycle of birth and death. Apoptosis is the term used to describe the death of the cell. In apoptosis cell is instructed to die so that a new cell can take its place. Cancerous cells don’t process the instruction and keep on multiplying.

Since all cells need energy and nutrients to survive, the cancerous cells use a lot of them and impair the function of healthy cell. This leads to systemic collapse of body functions and immune system. Malignant cancer can spread throughout the body through lymph nodes or circulatory system. This is called as metastasis.

Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the world. Some of the aggressive form of cancer have limited treatment options and respond poorly to chemotherapy. Few of them remain practically untreatable with high mortality rate.

Causes of Cancer

Let’s first look at the causes of cancer and then we will discuss how full spectrum cannabinoids help the cancer patients.


Inflammation is immune response to external agents in body and it is usually self-contained. However, in some cases it may last abnormally longer for certain reasons. Chronic inflammation has been established as one of the leading independent cause of about 20% cases of cancer worldwide.

Immune system components have been discovered in variety of cancer even when inflammation is not implicated in tumor development. This discovery led to establishing relationship between inflammation and onset of cancer.

It was further discovered that in the microenvironment around a cancerous growth, inflammatory response leads to an increase of cancer promotion by suppressing beneficial protective immune response.


Cancer is a complex outcome of various conditions, elements and carcinogens are one of them. Carcinogens are usually called as initiating agents because they damage DNA and introduce mutations in them.

Carcinogens can be radiations, viruses, or chemicals. For example, ultraviolet radiation in sunlight may cause skin cancer. Cigarette smoke has dimethylnitrosamine, nickel compounds and other carcinogens that lead to lung cancer. Human papilloma virus (HPV) may cause cervical cancer in women (second most common cancer among women).

Carcinogens effects vary within individuals because of genetics. For example, dark skinned people are less likely to get skin cancer from ultraviolet exposure from sun. Some smokers may take decades longer than others to develop lung cancer. HPV may not cause cancer in many women.

There are certain carcinogens called tumor promoters that don’t introduce mutations in DNA, but they may aggravate existing cancer growth. For example, phorbol esters from poisonous beach apple tree is a known tumor promoter.


Hormones may promote tumors and result in the development of some human cancers. Estrogen is the most notorious tumor promoter hormone. It significantly increases the risk of uterus cancer. Long-term postmenopausal estrogen replacement therapy with high doses of estrogen results in high incidences of uterus cancer in older women.

Progesterone reduces the negative effects of estrogen as tumor promoter. However, long-term exposure to combinations of estrogen and progesterone is linked to high chances of breast cancer.

Almost 80% of breast cancers are caused by estrogen or progesterone. Their cancer cells have protein receptors that bind to estrogen (ER-positive cancers) and/or progesterone (PR-positive cancers).

Role of Endocannabinoid System in Cancer

The research is still discussing the role of endocannabinoid system. However, more and more cancer patients are finding relief. In some cases, they are reporting complete remission.

CB1 and CB2 are two receptors in endocannabinoid system. CB1 receptors are more common in the central nervous system while CB2 receptors are more common in the immune system. The research evidences point that CB1 and CB2 are more expressed in cancer cells and cannabinoids may influence cancer more than any other compound known to us at this time. We will be looking them in detail as we lay down the specific cancer types and effect of full spectrum marijuana extracts on it.

Full spectrum Cannabinoid Extract in Treatment of Cancer

Cannabinoids are scientifically established and currently used for cancer management (pain, nausea, etc.) in cancer patients. A leap in cannabinoid use in cancer treatment came when in 1975 when it was discovered that THC kills cancer cells in lung cancer.

Since then, several cannabinoids are found to be killing cancer cells in lungs, glioma (brain cancer), thyroid, lymphoma, skin (melanoma), pancreas, uterus, breast, prostate, colon, etc.

While THC is effective at killing cancer, it also induces psychoactive effects (high). CBD not just counters THC’s side effect, but also synergize to provide better results in cancer patients.

Important: CBD Only products are not effective in cancer. You need full spectrum products with THC and THC-A. You may further need to supplement THC.

Now let’s look at most common types of cancer and role of full spectrum cannabinoids in them.

Breast Cancer and Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

In 2006, prominent scientist Alessia Ligresti discovered and for the first time effectively demonstrated that CBD strongly and selectively inhibited the growth of different breast tumor cell lines and did not interfere with non-cancer cells. CBD and CBD-dominant extracts also inhibited the growth of human breast cancer tissue grafted in mice and reduced chances of cancer spreading to lungs.

In 2007, another group of cancer researchers demonstrated that CBD interferes (in some cases stops) the critical progression path of breast cancer cell multiplication, invasion and spreading to other organs. CBD also regulated the effect of genes involved in breast cancer.

The same group of researchers demonstrated three years later that CBD was significantly effective in reducing the primary tumor mass and the size and number of cancer cells spreading to other organs.

Later in 2011, another leading cancer research team was able to demonstrate that CBD causes death of breast cancer cells by activating apoptosis (regular death of cells) and autophagy (degradation of cells).

Glioma (Brain and Central Nervous system Cancer) And Full Spectrum Cannabinoids

Malignant tumors of glial cells in brain and central nervous system are fast progressing and genetic. It is one of the most devastating and aggressive cancer types.  It does not/poorly respond to chemotherapy.

In year 2000, cancer researchers in Sweden demonstrated that CBD positively affects cancer  in C6 glioma cell without interacting with existing cancer medicine tamoxifen.

Cancer research team led by scientist Paola Massi demonstrated in 2004 that CBD stops cancer in certain glioma cells without affecting healthy cells. They also discovered that CBD achieves this by increasing oxidative stress only in cancer cells. They further noted that Vitamin E (tocopherol) stops the CBD effect.

A research on molecular cancer further revealed that CBD enhances the anti-cancer effects of THC in glioblastoma cell growth. A cancer research scientist Sophia Torres and her team confirmed that combined treatment with CBD and THC significantly reduced glioma cancer and reduced its migration to other organs.

People have reported getting cured of brain cancer using full spectrum cannabis oil.

Leukemia (Blood Cancer) And CBD

Leukemia is an invasive cancer type and it spreads very fast. A team led by Ruth Gallily discovered that CBD induced apoptosis (cell death) in Leukemia cancer cells. They further discovered that CBD with gamma radiation achieved 90-93% cancer cell apoptosis.

In 2006 Robert McKallip and team demonstrated the mechanism of how CBD triggered cancer cell death in Leukemia, showed significant reduction in spread of cancer. They concluded that CBD is a viable treatment option for blood cancer.

Lymphoma And CBD

Lymphoma is variation of blood cancer that begins in a type of white blood cells called lymphocytes which are infection-fighting cells of the immune system. The Robert McKallip and team also demonstrated how cannabinoids cause the lymphoblastic cancer cells to die at a very high rate leading to conclusion that medical marijuana extracts are a viable treatment option.

Lung Cancer And CBD

Lung cancer is one of the most aggressive forms of cancer that doesn’t respond well to traditional treatment. CBD has been found to be inhibiting proteins that causes lung cancer to multiply. It also regulates certain proteins that are involved in spread of cancer cells.

There are patients who reported complete remission of stage 4 lung cancer by continuously taking cannabis extracts. One such example is below:

Endocrine Cancer and CBD

Endocrine cancer may manifest in endocrine glands. It is an umbrella term for Thyroid Cancer, Testicular Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, Pancreatic Cancer, Pituitary tumors, etc. Thyroid cancer remains the most common form of endocrine cancer.

Ligresti and team’s research into breast cancer also demonstrated the significant effect of CBD on thyroid and other kind of endocrine cancer. Later a Taiwanese team of cancer researchers found that CBD triggers cellular events that are significant in stopping the cancer in its track.

Endocrine cancer patients have reported getting better after using medical marijuana extract. Two such interviews are below:

Colon Cancer and CBD

Colon cancer remains a leading cause of death caused by cancer in western countries. Angelo A. Izzo and his team of scientists demonstrated and concluded that CBD works well for stopping oxidative damage in DNA of healthy cells, stops the spread of the cancer. They suggested that CBD is a safe chemo preventive compound with great medicinal benefit for colon cancer.


There’s overwhelming anecdotal and scientific evidence available that full spectrum extract can help people with cancer and even provide complete remission in many cases. Please note that some patients may need to supplement THC and cannabinoids on top of their full spectrum CBD product to see the full benefits. Some people may experience minor side effects on using CBD/cannabinoids.

Why it isn’t publicized then? Pharmaceutical industry has spent billions of dollars researching medicines which may or may not work. They need to recover the money they have invested in the research and hence they lobby against benefits of medical marijuana from the shadows at this point. USA industrial jail complex also benefits from this situation. There has been decades of lobbying that affected legality of Marijuana worldwide because USA signed treaties and forced other countries to follow their agenda. While the legality is changing at USA now, other countries have no motivation to follow it any time soon. Social stigma may take even longer to go away.

People all over world are using CBD oil, cannabis oil and highly effective CBD tinctures to find benefit regardless of legal status.

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