Guarantee of Quality

All Wilson Wellness Products Are Tested For Consistent Quality

There’s an inherent lack of quality standardization within current medical marijuana industry. Partly because of greed of producers who want to save money by not testing products and partly because tests are done in specific laboratories only. However, for Wilson Wellness quality control is the single most important objective. We spend considerable time, money, and resources to test the quality of product at every single stage of production. This results in products that are consistent and provide predictable results to our customers.

Our marijuana and hemp are grown in remote Himalayan foothills which are separated by nearest population by two days of hike through mountains. The cultivation areas are pristine and untouched. All our produce is grown truly organically and harvested by trained labor. The produce is then classified, cleaned and used in CO2 supercritical extraction of marijuana extracts and CBD in GMP certified automated facility. These extracts are further turned into tinctures and packed.

Why Are We Obsessed With Quality

Quality control is an expensive but necessary affair. We (both the founders) initially made medical marijuana extracts/oils for our own treatment when doctors gave up. Our first official customers as Wilson Wellness were family and friends who continue to place their faith in us for their health till date. That same trust placed in us by about a thousand customers can’t be broken. This is as much a business for us as it is a mission.

We hope to raise the bar for the quality of the existing medical marijuana products by other companies out there. We also encourage them to do so without placing the financial burden on patient.

How Do We Ensure Quality

The final product is made in batches of produce. Samples from every batch is tested at every stage by dedicated trained professionals in-house and three independent labs to ensure the products are safe, pesticide-free and contain no toxins. We test them for 250 different toxins, heavy metals, etc. Our products are also tested using HPLC for precise quantity of CBD, THC and other cannabinoids in them. Our facility and partner facilities are GMP certified and ISO certified so that you know not a single quality parameter is every ignored.

1. Firstly a 10 to 20 grams sample is taken from the batch of produce and tested in-house for quality of terpene and oil content.

2. After the supercritical CO2 extraction, the CBD and extract are transferred into individual sterilized vessels. Samples are taken. Immediately after that the batch of CBD and medical marijuana extract gets vacuum sealed in sterilized environment. A base full spectrum tincture is made out of extract sample and in a part of base tincture 100 mg CBD sample is added. There are three samples to test – Extract itself, base full spectrum tincture, and base full spectrum tincture with CBD in it. We don’t need to test CBD-only tincture with this method because same distilled water, grain alcohol base, and CBD are used to manufacture it.

3. The samples are then packed in ampoules and dispatched to 3 independent labs for testing the quality, quantification, and presence of any foreign contaminants. The results are with us within 7 days.
4. The batch is marked approved on acceptable test report. And when an order comes in the product is freshly made into tincture and packed as per the order details in sterile dropper bottles. Bottles are then sealed immediately and get ready for shipping.