CBD Rich Versus CBD Dominant Versus CBD Only

The difference between CBD Rich Versus CBD Dominant Versus CBD Only products lies in potency and bioavailability (medicinal effectiveness).

CBD rich products are essentially Marijuana/hemp flower extract, usually in form of oils (oral and vape), which also contains lesser amount of THC and other cannbinoids. Usually at 4% CBD. These products are cheaper because they are highly diluted form of CBD.

CBD dominant products are hemp flower extracts usually at 80% CBD by total product weight. They still contain trace amounts of THC if critical CO2 extraction method isn’t used. Pure CBD dominant oil are administered orally which reduces their medicinal efficacy (bioavailability) by 60% to 90%. The digestive enzymes, acids, gut bacteria culture break down most of the CBD before it reaches blood stream. Also it takes up to 120 minutes to see its effects.

CBD only products are pure CBD extract at 99% purity by weight. They have absolutely no THC or contaminants. CBD only products provide the same effect at low doses as CBD rich/dominant product at high doses. CBD only products lack usual full spectrum goodness. CBD only products are undetectable through commonly available lab tests and more effective than other two above.

Which Of These Wilson Wellness Offers

Our Organic CBD Tinctures are CBD only products. Full spectrum CBD dominant tinctures (all cannabinoids including THC) further enriched with CBD-only extract are available as an option with each cbd only tincture. To enhance the highest bioavailability (medicinal efficacy) and super quick absorption, we use grain alcohol base.