Best Way To Take CBD – Oral Versus Vaping Versus Sublingual Bioavailability

In this article we will look at best way to take CBD. Bioavailability is a term which implies how much of total substance administered will actually reach your blood stream and will be available to the body cells.

The CBD bioavailability depends on the route you take to administer it. The best way to ensure that 100% of CBD reaches your blood stream is to administer an intravenous injection. However, there are no sterilized solutions available in market and it is almost impossible for most non-medical people to inject it correctly in vein.

We will discuss the three most common ways to administer CBD as available in market today:


Human gastrointestinal tract is a harsh route. There are acids and enzymes that breakdown everything you eat including CBD. Then there are billions of bacteria and gut flora that ingest the food as well and break it down before it reaches the further parts of intestines for absorption. The absorption of ingested item is also not a perfect process and some of it is passed in stool as waste. This process is called first metabolism.


  • It is easy to administer through oral route by simply ingesting it or mixing with food.
  • Suitable for pets who need CBD.


  • The bioavailability of CBD could be anywhere between 10% to 40% for CBD through oral route depending on digestion capabilities of individual.
  • Slow absorption is another factor. It may take up to 60 to 120 minutes before CBD enters the blood stream and start showing its effect.
  • Another major point to consider if you are planning on using CBD rich hemp oil products is the poor potency of CBD in it as compared to other options. Usually up to 20%.
  • Products are marked for overall cannabinoid potency. Not just CBD. A 600mg oil may only have 400mg CBD in best case scenario.
  • Expensive price tag for pure CBD oil. Usually 3 times than our products.

In short, oral CBD products are expensive, have poor potency and/or poor absorption which results in low bioavailability of the CBD.


CBD vaping oils are one of the popular ways and for all good reasons.


  • It provides about 70% to 80% of bioavailability of CBD.
  • They are CBD only products most of the times so potency of CBD matches the label for vaping products.
  • Fast absorption of vapors in lungs result in immediate effect of CBD.


  • Cheap thinners and cuticle wax are present in most products which are very harmful.
  • People with respiratory issues may not be able to do it.
  • Respiratory sensitivity may be experienced by many with regular use.
  • Heat and vapor dissipation may lose up to 30% of bioavailability.
  • Not suitable for pets who needs CBD.


The most common and efficient form of administering CBD is by placing it under the tongue and let the mucus lining absorb the CBD directly into blood stream. The most efficient sublingual CBD products are grain alcohol based and MCT oil based. We recommend this method and grain alcohol based CBD products for following reasons:


  • It provides 75% to 90% bioavailability because grain alcohol evaporates leaving no residue and CBD does not break down by amylase and other enzymes found in Saliva. Saliva constitution is inclined to break down carbohydrates mostly.
  • Potency of CBD matches the label because full spectrum CBD ingredients are used in precise quantity.
  • Grain alcohol CBD products can be up to 7500mg potency for 30 ml liquid for hassle free high dosage.
  • Fast absorption by mucus lining of mouth.
  • Easily be given to pets.


  • MCT oil based products cannot be high potency because they have limited solubility for CBD and hemp/cannabis oil per ml. You may have to ingest lot more oil for the desired concentration.
  • MCT oil based sublingual products may have problems of crystallization of CBD. That may require reheating to dissolve it which can reduce the effectiveness of CBD.
  • Pure alcohol may damage skin surface. Hence we use distilled water and alcohol tincture to keep it gentle.


The grain alcohol based products are the best carriers of CBD as they absorb fast, can carry highest concentration of CBD (and cannabinoids) per ml of tincture, and have highest bioavailability. We provide the distilled water and grain alcohol based tincture as it doesn’t damage mucus lining in mouth.