About Wilson Wellness

About Wilson Wellness

Wilson Wellness is founded by us two friends in 2018 who benefited from medicinal properties of marijuana in a country where it wasn’t legal and when traditional medicines and doctors couldn’t help. There is a lot of potential in healing properties of cannabis and it is being limited or regulated. It is done through decades of lobbying and selfish interests of corporations who would rather patent cannabis extracts in various forms and sell it on high prices.

Problems With Current State Of Medical Marijuana Industry

Governments have so far systematically neglected the human right to access of medical cannabis under pressure of lobbying, crony capitalism which puts profits above human lives. There is more money in treating people than curing them and patenting medicines for limiting their access to those who can pay higher prices. Wilson Wellness is a movement (by the common people, for the common people) that addresses two major problems with medical marijuana industry right now.

Limited Public Access To Full Spectrum Marijuana Extracts

USA classified marijuana as schedule-1 drug and signed pacts with other countries, offered monetary aid in exchange for agreeing to do the same. Now several well-known and respected researches are pointing to the evidence that marijuana terpene and cannabinoids can heal various medical conditions. The US is changing its stance, Canada has and so has some other countries.

But there is still stigma about THC which is the component that gives you the high.

THC and CBD both are needed along with the full spectrum of cannabinoids to provide relief and in some cases cure as pointed by scientific research. But industry is only allowed to cultivate hemp that has no more than 0.2% THC by law. A product technically can’t be full spectrum if there is no THC to synergize with rest of the cannabinoid army.

Also, while things are changing back home in the US, the countries it coerced criminalizing marijuana have no motivation to change the laws.

This limits the actual full spectrum extracts with THC to reach people entirely. This also results in limited public access in many other countries besides USA, Canada, etc.

Existing Medical Marijuana Products Are Expensive

Most of us trying to make ends meet and living off salary to salary. We have bills to pay, children to care for, rent to pay, and as such it is difficult when such wonderful medicine is priced exorbitantly by most medical marijuana companies out there. The existing bills may run in hundreds of US dollars a month for most people.

The reason behind high prices are regulation, higher production cost in USA and Canada, higher taxes, monopoly of few brands and blogs, and greed to make more money. The pharmaceutical companies are patenting cannabis extract for various illnesses and at the time of editing this page, there are 39 patents issued so far in 2018 alone. This means that for certain ailments you can only use a particular pharmaceutical company’s product for the price they decide is right.

How Are We Changing It

We have a mission statement and set of values which were decided when we founded the company.

It is our mission to change that by providing real full spectrum products (by supplementing THC) and shipping it safely and discreetly all over the world to anyone who needs it.

It is our mission to keep it affordable so that it reach as many people who need it and can’t afford it right now. We do so by utilizing legal loopholes for production, growing high quality proprietary strains of cannabis in pristine foothills of Himalaya, using minimal labor to harvest, completely automate the extraction and packing process (which also helps us stay away from legal troubles from other countries we ship to), and partnering with GMP certified pharmaceutical companies in India where costs are lower.

Our medical marijuana plants thrive in fresh Himalayan winds and untouched fertile mountainous lands.

How We Make Perfect Quality Products

We first made medical marijuana extracts and oils for treating our own ailments that doctors deemed “untreatable”. We got better! Doctors can call it miracle. Eventually our friends and family started asking for medical marijuana products for their own medical conditions. That’s how Wilson Wellness was born. We kept changing the strains, delivery methods, CBD carrier and other variables and kept working on every single feedback we have received.

Wilson Wellness is proud to claim that we have one of the most effective medical marijuana products today. We still keep bringing in beta products and offer them to our customers time to time at discount to get their feedback on it. Perfection is always a work in progress and we are constantly striving to offer better services to our customers.

Be The Part Of The Change

Be part of movement by supporting us not necessarily by just buying from us, but spreading the word about how science has backed marijuana as viable treatment for many diseases including cancer. Tell anyone who may benefit from this gift of nature and let them know that it doesn’t have to be expensive.